Choppy for Reproducible Omics Pipeline

Zahmetsiz, kendi sunucunuzda barındırabileceğiniz Git servisi

Easy to use

You can find the Choppy App you need from the Choppy Store and install it in your local environment. Prepare a samples file with an Excel spreadsheet to start a journey of pipeline analysis.


Any platform that supports both Python2 and Python3 languages can run Choppy, including Windows, Mac, and Linux. Pick one you like! But we recommend using a cloud environment, such as the Alibaba Cloud platform we currently support.


Choppy uses a variety of technologies to ensure the reliability and repeatability of user-generated Pipeline analysis. For example: Docker, Git, object storage, WDL, etc.

Open Source and Standardization

All code is open source at GitHub and Choppy, join us to develop this project together! What are you waiting for? Become a contributor!